the first avenger + quotes (companion piece to [x])


  • steve introducing bucky to the avengers
  • all of them being instantly accepting of him
  • bucky speaking russian with natasha
  • clint teaching bucky all about archery and television
  • thor inviting bucky to go out drinking with him
  • tony offering to upgrade bucky’s arm
  • bucky hanging out with bruce in his lab late at night
  • bucky barnes being loved and having a family




tired and miserable


One Star Review, Toothpaste For Dinner


One Star Review, Toothpaste For Dinner


Chrys watches GoT [x]


i hope they change the actor for daario naharis every season for absolutely no reason and with no explanation given

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

oh my god I am having so many Jesse feels past few days bc of this one gif where he;s like "He can't keep getting away with this" and I just maaan. Jesse is a precious little ray of sunshine I love him so much u feel me? I'm sorry I'm rambling but do u know any good fics or fanvids or playlists or whatever that has happy Jesse bc I need this now. Also I love you and your blog very much <33


first aid kit to recover from a 5 second glance at jesse pinkman crying:

jesse pinkman saying “bitch” a lot

jesse pinkman says “yo” a lot

jesse pinkman being bored in the meth lab

a robot?

jesse pinkman says yeah bitch magnets oh

here’s a picture of jesse pinkman being super happy

here’s a fic of him and walt owning a coffee shop and falling in love and no one is dead and everyone gets along

here’s a playlist for hanging out w pinkman

here’s a mix for our favorite criminal

mix that jesse totes listens to while cooking meth

  • remember that he got out alive and have a lot of dogs and do a lot of art and lives in a pretty house as we speak
  • remember that time he tried to explain to walt who georgia o’keeffe
  • she does these vagina pictures
  • or paintings
  • or they’re just painted?
  • i dont know.
  • walt: whAT are you even talking about.
  • remember in season one when he referred to a barn as a “cowhouse”
  • remember the silhouette of his jeans

and good luck


I don’t think they’re underachievers. I think they are overachievers. Their vision far exceeds their ability to execute that vision. They’re not the brightest bulbs, but they are certainly motivated. They work really, really hard to destroy whatever is in their path to get what they want and often times they succeed more than their faculties should allow. They are definitely not a reflection of who we are wholly as people. But there are aspects not only of us, the five of us, but aspects of ALL of humanity that we like to pretend don’t exist. But they’re there. Lying somewhere in the darkest caverns of our psyche beaten down by years of evolution, cooperation, etiquette. It’s just a matter of whether or not we choose to indulge them. These characters not only indulge them, they seem to revel in them, to cultivate them. To cherish them as weapons to be used in their pursuit of annihilating their own insecurities. But maybe that’s reading into it took much. Maybe they’re just assholes
- Rob McElhenney.